Patrick Akrivos

Patrick Akrivos

Country: Greece
Organization: Private practice

Short CV

Mag. Patrick Akrivos

Patrick Akrivos is an Austrian-Greek licensed psychotherapist registered with the Federal Ministry of Health of Austria (BMSGPK). He works in Athens, Greece and Vienna Austria. He holds a postgraduate degree from Middlesex University, a postgraduate diploma in the Person-Centered Approach from the University of Strathclyde and has completed his training in Person Centered Psychotherapy at the FORUM in Vienna, Austria. He is also a certified Gordon Trainer (Parent, Teacher, Youth and Leader Training), he is a certified S.A.F.E. trainer (Secure Attachment Training) as well as a Positive Discipline Instructor. He has completed trainings in Emotional Focused Couples Therapy, Addictions, Trauma therapy and others. Patrick Akrivos has many years of experience in the education of parents and teachers as well as consulting and educating staff and employees in Greek and International companies as well as educational institutions. Patrick Akrivos has a significant number of publications and conference presentations and is continuing to deepen his understanding of psychotherapy with additional training.


(together with: Maria Skordou)

Title: Collective Trauma in the Therapeutic Room

Life is hard, it is full of unforeseen circumstances and events beyond control and foresight. Every generation has witnessed catastrophes, is it the flooding of the Doggerlands, the eruption of Vesuvius, a World War, Refugee, Global Financial crises, Covid Lockdowns, to mention just a few. Every generation has managed to cope with it, be it by developing resilience, be it through various forms of disassociation or even creative adaptation.

With the latest events, from war on terrorism, financial crises, lockdowns and local catastrophes psychotherapists are called to help and support clients, while they themselves are dealing with the very same events. How do psychotherapist deal with this? What tools for self-care do they use? What is the function of a possible supportive network?

In this workshop we will explore the therapist own intergenerational stories of Trauma, how they have learned to cope with it, explicitly and/or implicitly, and how these coping mechanisms are effective or not for the current events. Further, the workshop will investigate how the therapist, can through their own experience of the same traumatic field with their client, be a source of help and inspiration, in the therapeutic process.