Theme of the Symposium

The temple of winds

The Tower of the Winds, in the Roman Agora, Athens

The temple of winds

The Ionic Center

Welcoming Polyphony in a Changing World

Ιn a changing world, in a state of crisis, norms and language can’t possibly mean the same as they used to; hence polyphony prevails, both in the ‘outer’ and in the ‘inner’ world, since everyone has, or should have, a voice.

There are so many voices (so many “winds”άνεμοι, αέρηδες)
to be listened to,
thought about,
responded to.

  • Are these voices interchangeable?
  • Is there still a dialogue in process?
  • Can we be congruent with both the ‘outer’ and ‘inner’ voices?
  • Can we hear and include societal voices within a ‘protected’ psychotherapy practice?
  • And furthermore, is it possible to respond to these voices, to have a genuine dialogue, to accept the responsibility of being present and authentic as trainees, clients, therapists, individuals, citizens, participants of a symposium?
  • How might we positively affect the social becoming/the unfolding of society?
  • Can the Person-Centred and Experiential approach change itself if needed?
  • What would constitute polyphony in our profession, during these critical times?
  • What would constitute polyphony within the Person-Centred and Experiential approach?
  • And, finally, what would constitute polyphony in a symposium?

Polyphony does not only mean a plethora of ideas on the same topic, drawn from idiosyncratic experiences, frames of reference, interests, cultures, ethnicities, places of origin, languages, sexualities, religions, corporealities, lives… but also evokes the very multiplicity and diversity, indeed, the plurality of topics.We therefore welcome you all and invite you to participate and contribute to this Symposium of Polyphony, by unfolding whatever interests you, troubles you, makes you happy or unhappy… along with your expertise, knowledge, and experience…

The following specific themes are just a suggestion, a kind of frame to hold and create the necessary space for us to meet, exchange, interact:

  • voices of/in the community (working with/approaching the community)
  • voices of psychotherapies (common ground, different views)
  • voices of other sciences (talking with, other views, technology)