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PCE Europe and the Hellenic Focusing Center invite you to Athens, Greece, for the
5th PCE Europe Symposium Athens 2023

To celebrate in person
25 years of PCE Europe
20 years of the Hellenic Focusing Center

Theme of the symposium

Welcoming Polyphony in a Changing World

Ιn a changing world, in a state of crisis, norms and language can’t possibly mean the same as they used to; hence polyphony prevails, both in the ‘outer’ and in the ‘inner’ world, since everyone has, or should have, a voice.

There are so many voices to be listened to, thought about, responded to.

  • Are these voices interchangeable?
  • Is there still a dialogue in process?
  • Can we be congruent with both the ‘outer’ and ‘inner’ voices?
  • Can we hear and include societal voices within a ‘protected’ psychotherapy practice?

And furthermore,

  • is it possible to respond to these voices, to have a genuine dialogue, to accept the responsibility of being present and authentic as trainees, clients, therapists, individuals, citizens, participants of a symposium?
  • How might we positively affect the social becoming/the unfolding of society?
  • Can the Person-Centred and Experiential approach change itself if needed?
  • What would constitute polyphony in our profession, during these critical times?
  • What would constitute polyphony within the Person-Centred and Experiential approach?
  • And, finally, what would constitute polyphony in a symposium?

Polyphony does not only mean a plethora of ideas on the same topic, drawn from idiosyncratic experiences, frames of reference, interests, cultures, ethnicities, places of origin, languages, sexualities, religions, corporealities, lives… but also evokes the very multiplicity and diversity, indeed, the plurality of topics.

We therefore welcome you all and invite you to participate and contribute to this Symposium of Polyphony, by unfolding whatever interests you, troubles you, makes you happy or unhappy… along with your expertise, knowledge, and experience…

The following specific themes are just a suggestion, a kind of frame to hold and create the necessary space for us to meet, exchange, interact:

    • voices of/in the community (working with/approaching the community)
    • voices of psychotherapies (common ground, different views)
    • voices of other sciences (talking with, other views, technology)

& Workshops

Dear Colleagues,
We invite all the participants in this Symposium,
all of you in the field of Person-centred and Experiential Psychotherapy and Counselling
to “meet” the persons who are going to offer presenations and workshops
for the PCE 2023 European Symposium.

You now are able to read all the abstracts and their short CVs
just by clicking on the following links to
Presentations and Workshops.

We are looking forward to the results and insights offered by
all scientists, theoreticians, trainers, supervisors and practitioners,
who looked closely into the Symposium theme.

The presentations and workshops will be available only in person at the Symposium in Athens, Greece.

We look forward to seeing you in person in Athens.


Presentations & more

(You can read the Presentations’ abstracts by clicking on the following links)


(Joint presentation PCE Europe & WAPCEPC)
Title: PCE Europe and WAPCEPC – Working together to promote the polyphony of person-centred and experiential approaches in a changing world 
Presenters: PCE Europe will be represented by Leonore Langner, Paul Diaconescu, Ewa Kaczorkiewicz and
WAPCEPC by Yana Gololob, Kyriaki Kentigjeleni.

(Round table discussion/presentations)
Title: Gender, identity, and sexuality as multiplicities: heteroglossia and polyphony 
Coordinator: Pavlos Zarogiannis
Participants: Chloe Kollyri, Anna Apergi-Konstantinidi, George Kesisoglou, Parvy Palmou

(Two joint presentations)
Title: Wounded hearts. Relationships that empower. 
Presenters: Yana Gololob, Valeriia Pryhozhyna

Title: Clients’ voice: Clients’ perception of Person-Centered Psychotherapy in the Romanian Field of Practice
Presenters: Ioana Agachi, Cosmin Lungu

Title: The polyphony of co-leadership inside the Strategic-Experiential Group Training in Psychotherapy
Presenters: Michele Battuello, Ilaria Ungheri, Caterina Bianchi

Title: Dispositional authenticity, perceived facilitativeness, and relationship quality in same-sex couples: Actor-Partner Interdependence Mediation Analysis
Presenter: Shun Chen

Title: Polyphonic harmony – how to balance diversity and universality by using the actualising tendency as master key
Presenter: Sebastian Heid

Title: Unconditional Negative Self Regard: A self-destructive tendency or necessary adjustment for survival? An exploration of experiential polyphony achieved through collaborative autoethnography
Presenters: Jen HollandUrszula Plust

Title: Nature or nurture? An empathic view to genes expression!
Presenter: Michael Kallifronas

Title: Polyphony: A Challenging Movement in Psychotherapy
Presenter: Anna Karali

Title: Sharing our learning of how digital technology can promote polyphony, creativity, and learning on a person-centred creative art in therapy course
Presenters: Kyriaki Kentigkeleni, Ani de la Prida

Title: The challenge of identity in the conditions of war through the eyes of person-centered psychotherapists
Presenters: Tetiana Kolesnyk, Hanna Moroz

Title: The ‘rhizome’ as the/a model of experiencing psychotherapy
Presenters: Chloe-Georgia Kolyri, Vassiliki Roussou

Title: Beautiful affordances of things around me: polyphony and the bodily subject
Presenter: Nikolaos Kypriotakis

Title: A frowning hedgehog: Mental imagery as a means for transforming emotions in counselling
Presenter: Chin-Ping Liou

Title: The necessary existence of inner and outer voices in narcissism, gender varieties, narcissistic voices in individualistic and collectivistic cultures for the polyphony of society
Presenter: Sofiana Milioritsa

Title: Discovering ‘a new universe’ for ourselves: beyond voices that affirm or deny ‘spirituality’ in the Person-Centred Approach
Presenter: Judy Moore

Title: Some you win, some you lose
Presenter: Charlotte Parker

Title: Transformation from Solitude through Polyphony towards Unison: Exploring the Phenomena of Encounter in Everyday Life (new)
Presenter: Agniya Pasechnik

Title: From stormy authenticity to the clear skies of connecting
Presenter: Nicola M. Richter

Title: “If you do what is right, carry!” – (Re-)Introducing the Carrying Paradigm within the Person-Centered Approach (with the voices of Lévinas and Ettinger)
Presenter: Christoph Solstreif-Pirker

Title: Opportunities for a Person-Centred Approach to prevent burnout
Presenter: Marina Zhigulina



(You can read the Workshops’ abstracts by following the links of the facilitators’ names)

Title: Collective trauma in the therapeutic room
Facilitators: Patrick Akrivos, Maria Skordou

Title: The polyphony of Emotion-Focused Therapy practice (new)
Facilitator: Niels Bagge

Title: The polyphony in psychotherapeutical methods: on the way of finding consonancy
Facilitator: Olívia Fekete 

Title: Polyphony, cacophony and euphony in a changing world…
Facilitator: Patricia Foster

Title: From birdsong to J. S. Bach, from Japanese Renku poetry to D. Bohm`s dialogue – What we can learn while listening to many voices
Facilitator: Christiane Geiser

Title: “As many realities as there are people”. Autopoiesis in Person Centered Therapy.
Facilitators: Maria Titova

Title: The synthesis of polyphony through creative writing
Facilitators: Katerina Powell, Kostas Mavrakakis, Agapitos Chrysochoos

Title: Exploring person-centred creative arts therapies and its potential for promoting relational depth – an experiential workshop
Facilitator: Ani de la Prida

Title: Listen to the voices of your body
Facilitator: Wil Roes

Title: Counseling for inner and outer peace: Polyphonic, slow listening in a polarized world
Facilitator: Holly Thompson

Title: The polyphonous paradox of incongruence and congruence in human selfhood
Facilitator: Devang Vaidya

Title: The fragmented world of trauma and its voices: Dissociation & integration
Facilitator: Emmanuel Vantarakis

Registration & Fee

The Symposium is now fully booked!
Thank you all for that!

More specific information can be found on the Registration & Fee page.

  • Please note that, thanks to a PCE Europe bursary fund, free attendance at the Symposium can be offered to a limited number of Ukranian colleagues.

Meanwhile, in exceptional cases where extreme financial hardship
might prevent you from participating in the Symposium,
please contact the Hellenic Focusing Center at

This applies only to European participants.



9 Φεβρουαρίου, 2023|

City of Athens