Call for papers

We warmly invite submissions (for short presentations and 90-minute workshops ) from Person-Centred colleagues
and also colleagues from all other counselling and psychotherapeutic orientations to join us in our exploration of the Symposium theme,

‘Welcoming Polyphony in a Changing World’.

The following specific themes are just a suggestion, a kind of frame to hold and create the necessary space for us to meet, exchange, interact:
  • voices of/in the community (working with/approaching the community)
  • voices of psychotherapies (common ground, different views)
  • voices of other sciences (talking with, other views, technology)

Presenters must register to attend the Symposium separately
by following the instructions for registration on the Symposium [link for Registration & Fee page].

You can register for the Symposium as an in-person delegate
by following the link Register here (also, see top of page).

The abstracts for accepted presentations will only be included in the final programme after you have registered.

Presentations may be offered either individually or jointly.

If you wish to make a joint presentation please name the second (or third, etc.) presenter
and include a brief biography of each presenter.
Only one form per presentation should be submitted.

You may only be a 1st presenter for one short presentation/ workshop,
but you can be a 2nd presenter or 3rd (etc.) presenter for more than one presentation/ workshop.

The version of the text that you submit for your abstract will be printed in the Symposium programme.
No changes can be made to your abstract once the programme has been printed.

The deadline for submissions is 30th April 2023  20th May 2023 (extended).

Please be aware that, although every single offer is appreciated, submissions will be treated on the basis of their relevance to the Symposium theme.
You will hear whether or not your submission has been accepted at least two weeks before the Early Bird registration deadline of 1 June.

The Symposium will take place in person in Athens.

Some of the short presentations will be recorded and you will need to deliver your presentation in person.

Workshops may be offered only in person.

Please indicate in the submission form below (or, also, in the Home (SubmissionForm) page) how you choose to deliver your workshop. Online workshops are no longer an option.

Please follow the ‘Guidelines’ at the bottom of this page for detailed instruction about how to format your presentation and/or videos.

Presentation (Short):

Individual presenters are invited to submit theoretical or practice-focused papers, related to the conference theme. The Scientific Committee will group all individual papers and set them up in a sequence of 30-minute presentations. At the beginning of the presentation there will be a moderator in charge of introducing the speakers, controlling the time, and facilitating the possible audience questions following the presentations. The presentation slot is 30 minutes in total, of which 5 minutes might be allotted for audience questions.


A workshop (experiential) can be an interactive workshop on any subject associated with the symposium theme that gives the participants time and space for exploration and encourages personal engagement with the topic through experiential exercises or other methods like discussions or practical tasks.

Submission Form

(You might prefer to send your submission
directly to
according to the structure of the following form)

Note: the programme is now full
& ‘online workshop’ is no longer an option

Personal Information

Type of submission

Please send us a photo for the website / program at:


Presentation file format: (MicroSoft PowerPoint) .pptx or .ppt (or .pdf in the worst case)
Presentation file name: submission number – submitter last name_- first 4 words of submission title

Presentation aspect ration: 16:9
(NOT aspect ratio 4:3 or 16:10)

Start and ending slide: We invite you to use the PCE SYMPOSIUM 2023 start and ending slide in your presentation (see below)
Presentation software: Power Point Mobile (PC only)

Please check that your presentation works on MS Power Point Mobile on a PC before the conference.
If you use an apple Mac for preparing your presentation, still follow the above.

Download free Microsoft software Power Point Mobile here:


If you have video clips with your presentation IN PERSON, please follow these guidelines

Video aspect ration: 16:9
Video clip format: .mp4 (or other common video formats that VLC Player can play)
Video file names: submission number – submitters last name – VIDEO – video clip number (1,2,3 ..)
Video software: VLC Player

Please check that your video(s) works in VLC Player before the conference.

Download free VLC Player:

(for online workshops) (this is no longer an option)

When presenting online we ask that you use the 16:9 aspect ratio also in your power point presentation

Presentation aspect ration: 16:9
(NOT aspect ratio 4:3 or 16:10)

Presentation software: Any that fits with your video production.
Presentation file format: You can use any, but for upload of presentation file see below.

[More details will follow about how to format your start and end slide. We think it’s important to use the PCE Symposium 2023 slide at the beginning and end.]