Maria Titova

Maria Titova

Country: Austria
Organization: Lebens Resort Ottenschlag

Short CV

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Maria Titova is a certified in Austria person-centred therapist and a certified sexual therapist. In addition to her psychotherapy certifications, she has a background in mathematics, management and psychology. She organized many psychological trainings, workshops and events in Austria, Ukraine and Russia.  Since 2011 her primary focus has been on Psychotherapy at the Institute for Person Centered Studies and Sigmund Freud University. She has also pursued work with children and adolescents in psychosomatic day stations, acute psychiatry and addiction outpatient clinics. In 2016 she has opened a private practice in Vienna and since 2021 she is working on psychosocial rehabilitation at Lebens Resort Ottenschlag leading both individual and group therapy.

Mariia is also a passionate sportswoman, she skis and kitesurfs. This year she won the medical doctors and pharmacists World Cup in skiing slalom and giant slalom.


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Title: “As many realities as there are people” – Autopoiesis in Person Centered Therapy

In putting Rogers’ ideas into practice, we must be careful not to turn his creative process into ‘sluggish ideas’. His own ideas were always ‘work in progress’. He challenges us to always search for the ultimate truth, he suggests that we base our lives “on the assumption that there are as many realities as there are people” (Rogers 1980).

We work in rehabilitation clinic on a 6-week basis. In this period, we need to be able to deal with many realities effectively, non-directive and emphatically. In our workshop we would like to share what we have learned.

Experiential and process-oriented therapy combines client-centered attitudes with experiential, process-oriented methods and techniques. We adapt to the client’s feelings and experiences of who he or she is.  The patient’s approach provides a “marker” that makes the experiential technique appropriate.  In order to promote the process of self-awareness, autopoietic expressions of all kinds are helpful. With stones, slippers, fantasy you can get more clearly to ego states and feelings.

So-called reparenting belongs to ego-states intervention, helping to become a good parent to yourself, it plays an important and supporting role in our designed therapy processes. We will answer the questions:

What are my therapeutic facets in this process design?
How do I design these processes?
What is holding me back and how can I encourage it?
Which attitudes are familiar to me and flow in implicitly?
Which attitudes can still grow?
Which updating tendency would like to be promoted in me in order to be able to shape my therapeutic relationships even more congruently?

Through focusing, imagination and creative arts we design an open process of self-awareness and we can parent that in ourselves and make nourishing available to us.