Ioana Agathi

Ioana Agachi

Country: Romania
Organization: Romanian Association for Person Centred Psychotherapy

Short CV

Ioana Agachi is a psychotherapist and supervisor in the Person-Centered Approach. Over the last fifteen years she developed a private practice in Bucharest, Romania. She is a member of Romanian Association for Person Centered Psychotherapy and PCE-Europe.

Short presentation

(together with:  Cosmin Lungu)

Title: Clients’ voice: Clients’ perception of Person-Centered Psychotherapy in the Romanian field of practice

Person-Centered Psychotherapy is relatively recent in the history of the Romanian psychotherapeutic field, spanning about twenty years. Having established a foundation for training and practice in the approach, the time has come to investigate how Person-Centred Psychotherapy is perceived by clients. Thus, we have initiated a descriptive study aimed at capturing clients’ perceptions of the person-centered psychotherapy process carried out in Romanian private practice.

To conduct this descriptive study, we developed the following methodology: an online questionnaire consisting of 19 questions. The questions explore various aspects, such as the factors that facilitated change during the psychotherapeutic process, the duration of the process, and the perceived differences between the therapeutic relationship and other types of relationships. The respondents are adults currently engaged in ongoing psychotherapeutic processes.

Our intention is to use this methodology as a foundation for further research inquiries, the outcomes of which can be used to enhance and improve the practice of Person Centered Psychotherapy in Romania. The aim of this study is to listen to and consider the clients` viewpoints on their experiences within the psychotherapeutic process. We view clients as valuable partners in the development of the Person Centred Psychotherapy approach.

Authors: Ioana Agachi, Cristina Babalau, Cosmina Brascauceanu, Eva Maria Cucoanes, Arina Dogaru, Cosmin Lungu, Georgeta Niculescu