Book stall

Book stall

A book stall will be available during the Symposium (Friday 22 & Saturday 23) where a selection of books can be purchased. Authors and editors attending the conference will be available to sign books and discuss their work.

You will be able to explore several titles of relevant topics published from Routledge, Eurasia Publications, etc.

More specifically, the following titles might interest you:


Manu Bazzano (Publisher: Routledge)

  1. Subversion and Desire: Pathways to Transindividuation
  2. Nietzsche and Psychotherapy
  3. Re-Visioning Existential Therapy: Counter-traditional Perspectives
  4. Re-Visioning Person-Centred Therapy: Theory and Practice of a Radical Paradigm
  5. Zen and Therapy: Heretical Perspectives
  6. Therapy and the Counter-tradition: The Edge of Philosophy

Nikolaos Kypriotakis & Judy Moore (Eurasia Publications)

  • Senses of Focusing, Vol. 1
  • Senses of Focusing, Vol. 2

Campbell Purton (Eurasia Publications)

  • Self-Therapy: A Focusing guide


  • FOCUSING Διαδικασία Εστίασης:
    Πώς να έχετε άμεση πρόσβαση στην νοημοσύνη του σώματός σας
    (Με βάση την αναθεωρημένη και ανανεωμένη 25η εορταστική έκδοση του κλασικού bestseller)
    (Εurasia Publications)
  • Περιοδικό Εποχή / Epoché (Φαινομενολογικές Ψυχοθεραπείες)
    (Eurasia Publications) (Tεύχη 1 – 16)