Welcome to Greece, welcome to Athens!

The 5th symposium for Person-Centered and Experiential Psychotherapy and Counselling will take place in Athens, Greece and online from 21-24 September 2023.

It is a great pleasure for the Hellenic Center of Focusing to organize along with PCE Europe the 5th symposium of Person-Centered and Experiential Community entitled “Welcoming Polyphony in a Changing World” in our country.

Polyphony in music means that several independent melodic lines are harmoniously combined and give an interesting music result. Polyphony also means the existence and the expression of different ideas and opinions about a topic. In other word polyphony refers to democracy and melody.

So here in the country where democracy and theatre was born, in the country where symposiums were gatherings for entertainment, but also opportunities for philosophy and reflection, we will make sure to organize a Symposium that will be inspired by the conditions of empathy, acceptance and authenticity. As we know in Person-Centered an Experiential approach, these conditions create a safe space for different voices and polyphony.

During the four days of the Symposium in Athens we hope that you will enjoy your participation in the process.